2024 NFL mock draft: New no. 1 pick replaces Caleb Williams, Jets take QB

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2024 NFL mock draft
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15. Tennessee Titans: JC Latham, OT, Alabama

The Tennessee Titans, at the time we're making this 2024 NFL mock draft, may have a very interesting scenario on their hands at the quarterback position. Will Levis came out in his first NFL start and threw a whopping four touchdown passes, elevating the Titans' offense and looking like a legitimate future starter.

We'll see what happens as the remainder of the season goes along, but as of right now, you like the idea of the Titans finding ways to surround Levis with talent, starting up front on the offensive line.

JC Latham is possibly a top-10 overall player in this class, so he presents somewhat of an intriguing value here as well.

16. New Orleans Saints: Cooper DeJean, DB, Iowa

Cooper DeJean is one of the most unique players in this year's draft. He's one of the most versatile defensive backs with the ability to play all over the formation as a rover type, deep safety, outside cornerback, or slot corner.

Wherever he ends up at the NFL level, don't be surprised to see him starting off as a punt returner as well. He might be the best punt returner in this draft class on top of everything else.

For the New Orleans Saints, this is mostly about adding the best player available but you get a player who can come in and create turnovers defensively and big plays on special teams right away.