2024 NFL Mock Draft: This first-round mock will make your head spin

Let's put together a full first-round mock draft.
Texas A&M v LSU
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The 2024 NFL Draft is about one month away, and in our latest mock draft, this first-round is filled with insane trades that'll make your head spin. I think the top three picks in April's draft are nearly locked-in. Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels, and Drake Maye seem to be the top three selections. Sure, something major could change, but I believe that the NFL Draft "begins" with the fourth overall pick, as that's where some crazy stuff can happen.

Would the Arizona Cardinals stay at No. 4? Would they trade down? Well, we do know that they are listening to offers to trade down, and for them specifically, they still have quite a few of roster holes. Teams like the Minnesota Vikings and Denver Broncos could be logical candidates to trade up. Let's try to put together a first-round mock draft with what kind of reporting and momentum is out there.

2024 NFL Mock Draft: This first-round mock will make your head spin
1. Chicago Bears - Caleb Williams, QB, USC

There isn't going to be any other outcome here. The Chicago Bears traded Justin Fields to the Pittsburgh Steelers for a late-round draft pick, officially signaling the end of that era and essentially opening the door for the Caleb Williams era.

2. Washington Commanders - Jayden Daniels, QB, LSU

More in line with the type of quarterback he's worked with before, Kliff Kingsbury gets his ideal prospect in Jayden Daniels, the Heisman Trophy winner. I personally believe Drake Maye is the better prospect, but the Washington Commanders make a huge move to get their QB of the future in Daniels. They traded Sam Howell earlier this offseason.

3. Minnesota Vikings (via NE) - Drake Maye, QB, UNC

Trade!  The Minnesota Vikings move all the way up to the third overall pick for Drake Maye, as the New England Patriots somehow pass on a likely franchise QB and instead decide to collect draft capital.

4. Arizona Cardinals - Marvin Harrison Jr, WR, OSU

Marvin Harrison Jr to the Arizona Cardinals feels very likely if the team does not trade out of the fourth overall pick.  The team simply needs more weapons, and Kyler Murray did lose Hollywood Brown in the passing game.  He signed with the Kansas City Chiefs.