2024 NFL Offseason: These 3 moves sent shockwaves through the NFL

What have been the most shocking moves of the 2024 NFL Offseason thus far?
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Like any NFL offseason, this one has been filled with major, shocking moves. What three moves stick out as being the most surprising? As we approach the 2024 NFL Draft, teams across the NFL will be finalizing their big boards and will buckle down even more in scouting the incoming class. The free agency period is about over; there could be another small wave after the draft, but the big moves are done.

This offseason was again filled with a ton of surprises and drama, as are most NFL offseasons. Among all the moves that happened, which three have stuck out as the most shocking?

2024 NFL Offseason: These 3 moves sent shockwaves through the NFL
1. Stefon Diggs to the Houston Texans

Contractually, it made almost no sense for the Buffalo Bills to ship Stefon Diggs to a new team. But earlier this week, the Bills made the move and sent him to the Houston Texans, giving stud QB CJ Stroud another very good weapon. Diggs seems to frequent the social media drama and it doesn't appear that he's always been the most reliable teammate.

Perhaps the Bills were tired of the Stefon Diggs experience? Well, whatever the case may be, I'm not sure anyone truly thought the Bills, who needed another receiver even with Diggs in the picture, would make the trade.

2. Kirk Cousins got HOW MUCH?

With the massive increase in the NFL salary cap number for this year, I guess it wouldn't be a surprise to some that Kirk Cousins signed for $45 million per season, but let's face it; this is a QB entering his age-36 season who is also coming off a torn Achilles. I personally did not think Cousins would really come close to what he got.

And it does feel like a huge desperation move by the Falcons. Falcons GM Terry Fontenot clearly needs to build a winning team, and while the Falcons won't go far in the playoffs with Cousins under center, they could probably scrape together a 10-win season. But for an early exit in the playoffs, is that really worth $45 million per season?

3. Pittsburgh Steelers totally remake their QB room

Both Russell Wilson and Justin Fields being on new teams for 2024 was widely expected, but to see them both end up with the Pittsburgh Steelers is certainly very shocking. The Steelers signed Wilson for the veteran minimum, as the Denver Broncos are still on the hook for nearly $40 million owed to Wilson in 2024.

They also sent a lawn chair and a pack of ground beef to the Chicago Bears for Justin Fields. To be fair, both Wilson and Fields are not franchise QBs for varying reasons, but it's evident that the Steelers are going to rely on one of these two QBs to lead the team in 2024. They also sent Kenny Pickett to the Philadelphia Eagles, cut Mitchell Trubisky, and did not sign Mason Rudolph. It was a total cleaning of the house by Steelers GM Omar Khan.

Whether or not this QB situation will work remains to be seen.