2024 NFL Offseason: Which teams have the least cap space?

There are quite a few teams who have negative cap space in 2024.
New Orleans Saints Introduce Quarterback Derek Carr
New Orleans Saints Introduce Quarterback Derek Carr / Sean Gardner/GettyImages
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2. Miami Dolphins ($51,898,226)

With the amount of rich contracts the Dolphins have on their roster, it is no surprise to see them being over the cap in 2024. They'll have two big financial decisions to make in 2024, at least. The first one is whether or not the team will extend Tua Tagovailoa, who is 32-19 in 51 starts with the team. According to Over The Cap, and extension for Tagovailoa could save the Dolphins over $17 million.

Another big move they may have to make is what to do with stud defensive tackle, Christian Wilkins. Will the Dolphins make two more huge commitments to some of their core pieces? We shall see.

1. New Orleans Saints ($83,683,454)

If there is one thing the New Orleans Saints are better at than any team in the NFL, it's always having the least amount of cap space. They are nearly $85 million over the cap. And at some point, a tear-down needs to happen. Derek Carr was a baffling free agency signing last year. They also have a ton of aging players that they should simply move on from.

I don't think it's wise for the Saints to continue kicking the can down the road with their cap space. Constantly being this much over the cap every year is not going eventually lead to a Super Bowl.