2024 NFL picks, score predictions Divisional Round to Super Bowl

Making NFL picks and score predictions for the Divisional Round through the Super Bowl
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The first round of the playoffs is officially in the books. If we had the guts to pick the Packers over the Cowboys, our NFL picks and predictions would have been in really good shape and might not be changing much for this week. But recency bias is real, and there are definitely some things making us sway in a different direction after predicting the entire playoffs last week.

Where are we going with this week's playoff matchups? We have some familiar faces facing off against each other, of course, so why don't we start there? Let's take a look at all of the Divisional Round games and make our playoff predictions for every remaining game after that, all the way through the Super Bowl.

(3) Kansas City Chiefs @ (2) Buffalo Bills

Sunday, January 21, 6:30 PM ET

All of the NFL world has to be cringing at the thought that a game being played in other-worldly temperatures would be the "spark" the Kansas City Chiefs needed to get back on track.

And the standard for the Chiefs is truly that high at this point, absolutely. Kansas City has not been great this year offensively. They lost six games in the regular season, and won a number of other close games where they didn't exactly play well. Certainly not always offensively.

Now the entire NFL world is wondering who is going to be the team to take Kansas City out of the mix, because surely it has to be someone else besides Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and now Taylor Swift...right?

The good news for the Chiefs? They get to head from the frozen tundra that is Kansas City and head up to Buffalo where it's...Obviously just as bad.

The early line here has the Bills as three-point favorites, but I think they're going to stamp their trip to the AFC Championship with some authority. Even against a really good KC defense.

Prediction: Bills win 34-28