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Making NFL picks and score predictions for the Divisional Round through the Super Bowl
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(7) Green Bay Packers @ (1) San Francisco 49ers

Saturday, January 20, 8:00 PM ET

The Green Bay Packers were so impressive in the first round of the NFL playoffs that I think they're going to be a popular pick in round two, but we need to pump the brakes for just a moment and remember how good the 49ers have been this season.

If they hadn't benched everyone in the final week of the season, the 49ers might have finished with the best point differential in the league. This team is obviously one of the most well-oiled machines with superstars and depth offensively and defensively. They present a completely different task than the Dallas Cowboys because of the fact that they have so many go-to weapons on offense, including league MVP candidate Christian McCaffrey.

The 49ers make it so hard to key in on any one player offensively that there's really only one way to get past them -- you've got to make Brock Purdy have a bad game. They are so overwhelmingly good, in fact, that the opening betting line for this game is a whopping 9.5 points.


How is it possible that the Packers could go from beating the Dallas Cowboys by a million to losing to the 49ers by 10?

The Packers have been fortunate so far in the postseason. Unlike teams getting games rescheduled or having to play in -30 degree weather, the Packers played indoors at Dallas and will now travel to Santa Clara to take on the 49ers. Removal of the elements plays into Green Bay's favor tremendously and I think they can actually make some noise in this game against the 49ers.

But ultimately, just like last week against Dallas, I don't have the faith in Green Bay to put my money where my mouth is.

Prediction: 49ers win 34-27