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3rd round: AFC Championship

(2) Buffalo Bills @ (1) Baltimore Ravens

The Buffalo Bills’ shocking ascent in the AFC East down the stretch of this season was nothing short of remarkable. If we get this matchup in the AFC Championship Game, it will be the Cook Brothers bowl with James running for the Bills and Dalvin now running for the Baltimore Ravens.

Funny how those things might end up working out, isn’t it?

The Buffalo Bills have had a magical second half of the 2023 season. They have been defying the odds. And here in the AFC Championship, they run into a buzzsaw. Another level of disappointment could be reached if the Bills go on that kind of heater, winning the AFC East, only to come to this point in Baltimore and have the clock strike midnight.

But that’s what I think could happen.

As much as I want to keep riding the Buffalo Bills wave, you have to take emotion out of the pick. Ultimately, the Baltimore Ravens are the better overall team. And I think they prove it with a relatively convincing win over the Bills in this AFC Championship prediction.

Prediction: Ravens win 31-24