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3rd round: NFC Championship

(3) Detroit Lions @ (1) San Francisco 49ers

When you look at the NFC playoff race right now, there are a number of teams with tremendous weapons offensively and quarterbacks who maybe play a little above their means because of them. That, and really good coaching.

I don’t think there are two better examples of well-constructed rosters with grat coaching, great point guards at quarterback, and big-time weapons than the Detroit Lions and San Francisco 49ers. This would be an epic matchup for the NFC Championship game and I would absolutely love to see it.

Kyle Shanahan, whose offense has been one of the most fearsome in the entire league going into this season, matching up against Dan Campbell’s Detroit Lions – the 2023 team of destiny.

As good as the San Francisco 49ers are – and they are – I just think there’s something about this Detroit Lions team. This is a team that I think can win in low-scoring battles, they can win in shootouts, and it all boils down to the way this team responds to its coach. The 49ers have been great when they get out in front of teams, but what happens when the other team punches them back in the mouth? 

We saw exactly what can happen just a couple of weeks ago against the Baltimore Ravens.

I think the Lions are truly the team of destiny this season. I think they go on the road and punch a ticket to Super Bowl LVIII.

Prediction: Lions win 36-33