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(6) Miami Dolphins @ (3) Kansas City Chiefs

As good as the Miami Dolphins have been offensively this season, there is something about this team that’s giving me pause heading into the postseason. They have not beaten many good teams this season, and while that isn’t necessarily a prerequisite for being competitive in the postseason, you would certainly like to see them a little more battle-tested.

I think especially having to play on the road, this Miami team could be in a little bit of trouble.

Having to go on the road and face Kansas City is never easy, I don’t care how good your team is. If you draw Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, and the Chiefs early in the playoffs? That’s going to be tough to come out of with a victory.

The Kansas City Chiefs have been a shell of the team that won the Super Bowl last year, but I won’t be surprised to see them put forth one last gasp before ultimately running into some other buzzsaw down the line in this year’s playoffs. I think the Chiefs find a way in the Wild Card round, playing at home, to win at least one playoff game.

But if this one gets to a shootout, we might see an upset for the road team. How good can Vic Fangio’s defense be without both Jaelan Phillips and Bradley Chubb coming off the edge?

Are the Chiefs going to be able to contain Tyreek Hill?

Prediction: Chiefs win 27-24