2024 NFL power rankings: Cowboys free-falling, Bears surging after draft

The first post-NFL Draft NFL Power Rankings are finally here
2024 NFL Power Rankings
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28. New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints could be a lot better than this in 2024, but with issues at both offensive tackle positions as well as the team seemingly not being overly committed to Derek Carr, you can't help but wonder.

The New Orleans defense likely raises the floor of this team a considerable amount, but there are other question marks with this roster that can't be ignored. The Saints could be replacing at least three starters on the offensive line in 2024.

27. Washington Commanders

When you talk about an offseason overhaul, the Washington Commanders are really Exhibit A. They have new ownership, a new GM, a new head coach, and a new franchise quarterback. Not to mention, a completely overhauled roster.

There are fair questions about whether or not Jayden Daniels and his physical running style as a playmaking quarterback will hold up at the NFL level, but he certainly adds a dynamic presence to this team. I expect the Commanders to be improved this season, but this rebuild by GM Adam Peters and head coach Dan Quinn is going to take some time.

26. Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks are another team -- like the Patriots -- saying goodbye to a legendary coach in franchise history. Pete Carroll is being replaced by Mike Macdonald, who immediately inherits a team with a question at the quarterback position and a defensive front that really struggled last year.

The Seahawks obviously have a lot of talent, but they're one year of things going off the rails away from possibly blowing the roster up and starting over.

25. Minnesota Vikings

Are we going to be seeing the Sam Darnold-led Minnesota Vikings or the JJ McCarthy-led Minnesota Vikings this year? Are the Vikings going to make Justin Jefferson happy by giving him a record-setting contract before the season?

After losing Kirk Cousins and Danielle Hunter in the 2024 offseason, how could we not expect the Vikings to take a step back? This team has good coaching and had a strong 2024 NFL Draft class, but it's going to be tough for them to finish better than 4th place in the NFC North this year barring a CJ Stroud-type of emergence from JJ McCarthy, or a Baker Mayfield-like resurgence from Sam Darnold.