2024 NFL power rankings: Cowboys free-falling, Bears surging after draft

The first post-NFL Draft NFL Power Rankings are finally here
2024 NFL Power Rankings
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24. Tennessee Titans

At this point, I don't really know what to think of Will Levis leading this Titans team. I was really impressed with what we saw late last season and how he played against a team like the Miami Dolphins, but the volatility of his play gives me pause.

I so badly want to call the Titans a true threat to the Texans in the AFC South. So many of the other pieces are there. After snagging JC Latham in the 1st round of the 2024 NFL Draft, the Titans have re-fortified their offensive line. I love the weapons they brought in this offseason. I hope they make this ranking look bad, because this Titans roster is fun on both sides of the ball.

23. Arizona Cardinals

Maybe I'm overrating the Arizona Cardinals a little bit here, but you all saw the way this team played for Jonathan Gannon last year, right? The Cardinals started last season with Josh Dobbs, having virtually no time at all to learn the offense, and they gave teams fits all year. When Kyler Murray came back into the fold, they continued to give teams fits.

Murray has now had the offseason (or will have it) to heal up and get back to full strength. The Cardinals absolutely loaded up in the 2024 NFL Draft and brought in Marvin Harrison Jr., the best non-quarterback prospect in the class. I think this team is going to surprise folks in 2024.

22. Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears started to play really well as a team down the stretch last season, specifically on the defensive side of the ball. The addition of Montez Sweat ended up being huge for Chicago, and they obviously are hoping that can carry over -- and even improve -- in the 2024 campaign. Obviously, Matt Eberflus' expertise defensively is what initially got him the gig in Chicago anyway.

Now, the Bears have added #1 overall pick Caleb Williams, #9 overall pick Rome Odunze, they traded for Keenan Allen, and they solidified Jaylon Johnson's contract situation. The Bears were a problem late last season for the two best teams in the division -- Green Bay and Detroit. Perhaps that will continue this coming season if Caleb Williams can make a smooth transition to the NFL.

21. Los Angeles Chargers

Jim Harbaugh is one of the best football coaches you could possibly get, so the Chargers should be better simply as a result of him being around. The upgrade from Brandon Staley to Jim Harbaugh simply cannot be overstated.

But this Chargers roster was somewhat gutted in 2024. They got rid of both Mike Williams and Keenan Allen, and there's nobody on that roster that's going to be able to give the Chargers the same type of production they got from those guys. This team is going to need to rely on physicality in the running game, and you see an emphasis on that with the way they're building that roster.