2024 NFL power rankings: Cowboys free-falling, Bears surging after draft

The first post-NFL Draft NFL Power Rankings are finally here
2024 NFL Power Rankings
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8. Philadelphia Eagles

Despite being horrendous down the stretch last season, I'm still all-in on the Philadelphia Eagles. This roster is simply too good, and the addition of Vic Fangio as defensive coordinator could push that unit back into "elite" status rather quickly.

There were few teams who nailed the first two rounds of the NFL Draft as well as Philadelphia. Getting Quinyon Mitchell in the first round and Cooper DeJean in the second round reloaded a secondary which desperately needed help. The offense for Philadelphia should be just fine, and if that defense can make strides out of the gutter, this team is going to be great once again.

7. Green Bay Packers

There were some pretty crazy questions going around regarding Packers GM Brian Gutekunst and head coach Matt LaFleur at this time a year ago. People (myself included) were questioning their team-building strategy and even whether or not they were truly worthy of being in their respective spots as GM and head coach.

Jordan Love's emergence last season proved that Gutekunst and LaFleur know ball better than me, to be certain, and this Packers roster is set up to contend for quite some time. Green Bay has just been nailing the NFL Draft in recent years, and with Love's emergence as a franchise QB, Green Bay could contend with Detroit for that NFC North crown in 2024.

6. Houston Texans

I'm falling for the Houston Texans hype. CJ Stroud is the most impressive rookie quarterback I've witnessed in my years doing this, and the Texans are absolutely loaded on both sides of the ball right now.

Specifically, the area that sets this team apart right now is on the defensive line. The additions of players like Danielle Hunter, Denico Autry, Foley Fatukasi, and a variety of others have vaulted that defensive front into another stratosphere. Houston is going to be tough in all phases this coming season, and if CJ Stroud is the same or better than last year? This team might reach the AFC Championship game.

5. Cincinnati Bengals

I'm putting the Bengals up high because of the respect I have for Joe Burrow. I don't know that this is truly one of the five best rosters right now in the NFL, and the Bengals are dealing with losses all over the place. An underrated loss for this team is offensive coordinator Brian Callahan leaving for the Titans head coaching job.

But with a healthy Joe Burrow, it's hard to bet against the Bengals being good. And the roster is still strong, don't get me wrong. But like any good team, the Bengals are dealing with difficult decisions year after year. If Burrow is good to go, the Bengals are going to be up there with the Chiefs and Ravens in the AFC.