2024 NFL QB Power Rankings: Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson plummeting

Who are the best (and worst) QBs in the NFL in 2024?
2024 NFL QB Power Rankings
2024 NFL QB Power Rankings / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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Nothing gets people riled up in the NFL offseason quite like an arbitrary list. Determining the best quarterbacks in the NFL right now is a much more nuanced discussion than just 1-32, but there are some clear quarterback tiers in the NFL right now.

How do the current 32 projected starters around the league stack up from worst to best? We're going to be ranking every quarterback in the league based on a combination of what they've already done, projecting what they could do this coming season, and factoring in a bit of each player's respective situation.

2024 NFL Quarterback Power Rankings (worst to best)

32. Sam Darnold, Vikings

If you go and work for Kyle Shanahan for a year, your value is going to increase. Apparently. Sam Darnold did virtually nothing this past year for the 49ers, but wound up receiving a $10 million contract from the Vikings in NFL free agency. It's going to be fascinating to see if he can hold off JJ McCarthy for the starting job.

31. Daniel Jones, Giants

Even at his very best, I don't think Daniel Jones can be placed any higher than the mid-20s. He's injury-prone, he's a turnover machine, and I'm not even sure he's going to be able to beat Drew Lock all year for the QB1 job in New York.

30. Will Levis, Titans

You love to see the Titans' commitment to Levis, even if he doesn't end up being the guy. They are committed to getting the best possible supporting cast for their young quarterback, making sure they get a good look at him. Levis has a big arm and tons of talent. He now has a huge opportunity to seize in 2024.

29. Bryce Young, Panthers

There's nowhere to go but up, right? Bryce Young's rookie season was about as disastrous as you could have possibly drawn up. Now that the Panthers have reset with Dave Canales as the head coach, you keep hope alive that the version of Young that won the Heisman can be resurrected in 2024.

28. Gardner Minshew, Raiders

Gardner Minshew is a gamer, I'll give him that. Although I don't think he boasts the highest ceiling of any NFL starter, I think he's got a decent floor. He's one of the top 32 quarterbacks in the league right now.

27. Bo Nix, Broncos

There will be some projecting on this list, but we've got to keep it relatively modest when it comes to projecting with the rookies. Bo Nix was the 6th quarterback off the board in the 1st round of the 2024 NFL Draft, and he became the first-ever first-round QB selected by Sean Payton. The Denver Broncos have been searching high and low for help at the quarterback position for eight straight years.

26. Drake Maye, Patriots

Drake Maye has so much talent but he's going to a bit of a rough sitaution in New England. The Patriots have some of the worst skill position talent in the league, and there is a reset happening on the offensive line. Still, that defense in New England should give Maye plenty of chances to fail forward.

25. Deshaun Watson, Browns

Deshaun Watson is frequently one of the most overrated quarterbacks in the NFL. It makes absolutely no sense that anyone would consider him a top 20 quarterback at this point. He's appeared in 12 games over the last three years, and hasn't played at a high level since 2019-20. He's going to have to prove he's not one of the worst starters in the league this year.