2024 NFL schedule: Which NFL teams have never won a Super Bowl?

Which NFL teams have never won the Super Bowl heading into 2024?
2024 NFL Schedule
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The 2024 NFL season is still a few months away, but the 2024 NFL schedule release is making the wait even more brutal than it already is. As crazy as it sounds, more than one-third of the NFL has never won a Super Bowl heading into the 2024 season. The closest we've come to crossing another team off of that list in recent years was the Cincinnati Bengals in the 2021-22 season when they lost in the Super Bowl to the Los Angeles Rams.

The last time a team was crossed off of the list was in the 2017-18 season when the Philadelphia Eagles went on a magical postseason run and beat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

What NFL teams have still never won a Super Bowl heading into the 2024 NFL season?

Which NFL teams have never won a Super Bowl?

Arizona Cardinals

Jonathan Gannon and the Cardinals got a tough year out of the way in 2023 and appear poised to be much more competitive in 2024. The arrival of Marvin Harrison Jr. along with a ton of other high draft picks from this class will give the Cardinals hope, but they are still a ways off from Super Bowl contender status.

Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons went to great lengths to become contenders this season, at least for the NFC South crown. They signed Kirk Cousins to a massive free agent contract in hopes that he could elevate all of the young offensive talent they've invested in. Drafting Michael Penix Jr. didn't go over super well for Cousins (as you might expect), and the Falcons don't appear to have a Super Bowl-caliber defense right now.

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills have been legitimate Super Bowl contenders for the last handful of years, but you can't help but feel they've missed an important window. This team is in the midst of a retool and doesn't look like a Super Bowl contender in 2024, as good as Josh Allen can be.

Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers may be the furthest away out of any team on this list from Super Bowl contention. They had the worst record in the NFL last year and are simply hoping that former #1 overall pick Bryce Young can turn out to be a franchise QB at this point.

Cincinnati Bengals

If Joe Burrow can stay healthy, the Bengals are a force in the AFC. They have legitimate hopes of reaching the NFL's Final Four in 2024, but Burrow's health and availability have not been consistent since he came into the NFL. They are a possible contender if Burrow stays on the field.

Cleveland Browns

The Browns won 11 games last season and have a championship-caliber defense on paper. It just feels like this team is relying way too much on Deshaun Watson being a version of himself that we haven't seen on the field in five years.

Detroit Lions

Ahead of even the Bengals, I would say the Detroit Lions have the best chance out of any NFL team at ending their Super Bowl drought in 2024. The Lions have been one of the most universally liked teams since Dan Campbell took over as their head coach. They are deep, they are elite in the trenches, and they have great coaching.

Houston Texans

After somewhat of a surprise breakout year in 2023, the Houston Texans are going to be everyone's favorite flavor going into the 2024 season to be a surprise championship contender. The Texans certainly have the type of QB to contend with the likes of Patrick Mahomes deep into January. Defensively, DeMeco Ryans knows how to scheme against him and now has even better player personnel to work with on that side of the ball.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars took 10 steps forward in 2022 under Doug Pederson only to take five steps back in 2023. This team crumbled late last season and has some major question marks going forward. Unfortunately, Trevor Lawrence is part of those questions. I don't view the Jaguars as legitimate Super Bowl contenders just yet.

Los Angeles Chargers

Jim Harbaugh's teams are consistently competitive and relevant when it comes to the postseason, regardless of whether or not it's the NFL or college level. The unstoppable force that is Harbaugh will meet the immovable object that is the cursed history of the Los Angeles Chargers. It will take some time, but don't be surprised if it's only about a year.

Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings are almost the Chicago Cubs of the NFL at this point (pre-World Series, of course). The Vikings just can't ever find a way to be better than good. This is a team that likely missed a window over the last six years with Kirk Cousins, and now will have to reset with JJ McCarthy coming in through the 2024 NFL Draft.