2024 NFL Season: 3 big-name quarterbacks who could retire after the season

Could the league say goodbye to a few major QBs after the 2024 NFL Season?
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2. Aaron Rodgers, New York Jets

Aaron Rodgers will turn 41 years old at the tail end of the 2024 NFL Season, and he's coming off of a torn Achilles, so that could also have a huge impact on his performance. In his last full season in 2022 with the Green Bay Packers, Rodgers was simply not that efficient, as his passer rating was in the low-90s.

Now in his second season with the New York Jets, Rodgers seems to be making headlines for all the wrong reasons, and if you are wondering about his commitment to football, I would not at all fault you. There is just a ton to unpack with Aaron Rodgers, and maybe he just does not have the fire in him after the 2024 season. And yeah, the Achilles recovery could end up being the final nail in the coffin.

Rodgers has been so good for so long that I don't really think many of us are currently entertaining the idea that he might be all washed up now. If so, there might not be a path forward for him on the Jets or in the NFL, so the four-time MVP could, like Wilson, be forced to retire. One of the longest-tenured players in the NFL could be playing his final season in 2024.

1. Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams

Matthew Stafford, like Russell Wilson, is entering his age-36 season in the NFL, but the main thing here with Stafford is that he's had some severe injuries during his NFL career and always seems to be banged up just a bit. This isn't ideal, so you have to wonder if Father Time is knocking on his door.

The 2021 Super Bowl champion played better than his stats indicated in 2023, so he could be in line for another huge season or two. However, approaching 40 years old is no joke, so Stafford could show signs of decline, which he kind of did in 2022. Or, perhaps the LA Rams win the Super Bowl in 2024, which might be a good spot for Matthew Stafford to ride into the retirement sunset.