2024 NFL Season: Predicting new starting quarterbacks

As the 23'-24' NFL season comes to a close, some teams are looking for a change at QB. Whether it be due to a lack of talent or an absence of rapport, these teams are prepared to sever the ties and discover a new solution.

Russell Wilson and Justin Fields exchange words postgame
Russell Wilson and Justin Fields exchange words postgame / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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New England Patriots

2023 Week 1 Starter: Mac Jones | 2024 Week 1 Starter: Jayden Daniels

It comes as no surprise that the New England Patriots will almost certainly be drafting a quarterback with the third overall pick in this years draft. The real question is which one? If the draft goes as currently projected, Daniels is in line to suit up for New England in 2024.

Daniels offers the Patriots something they haven't experienced in a long time, and debatably ever. A quarterback who can make plays with his legs. They flirted with the idea in 2020 when they named a 31 year old Cam Newton their starter, but by then his 100+ rushing yard games were long gone.

The Patriots hope Daniels can come in and rejuvenate their lackluster offense with his playmaking abilities. The 2023 Heisman Award winner racked up over 1,000 yards rushing in his senior season at LSU to go along with 50 total touchdowns and nearly 4,000 passing yards.

The Patriots have their job cut out for them in terms of acquiring skill players to help Daniels succeed. In 2023, New England had only one receiver surpass 500 yards in DeMario Douglas. It doesn't get any more abysmal than that. Ezekiel Elliott showed glimpses of his old self toward the end of the season, but New England is going to need much more help in the wide receiver room if Daniels wants any chance to prove himself in 2024.