2024 NFL Season: Predicting new starting quarterbacks

As the 23'-24' NFL season comes to a close, some teams are looking for a change at QB. Whether it be due to a lack of talent or an absence of rapport, these teams are prepared to sever the ties and discover a new solution.
Russell Wilson and Justin Fields exchange words postgame
Russell Wilson and Justin Fields exchange words postgame / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Washington Commanders

2023 Week 1 Starter: Sam Howell | 2024 Week 1 Starter: Drake Maye

To me, this draft selection doesn't feel as obvious as New England's. Sam Howell definitely didn't impress in 2023 by any means, however it feels like he's taking on a lot of the heat for the problems that the Commander's have.

In his first season as an NFL starter, he posted just under 4,000 passing yards with 21 touchdowns and 21 interceptions. Not great. That said, he showed some flashes throughout the season that raised a few eyebrows, such as his first two games of the year, compiling 501 passing yards and two touchdowns with just one interception en route to wins against Arizona and Denver. There was a belief in Washington that they had found their guy.

This didn't last long, and now the Commanders sit with the No. 2 pick in this years draft. The 6'5 quarterback out of UNC is looking like the answer to Washington's offensive woes. Not only does he have the build, but also the skill to last in the NFL. He showed the ability to throw the long ball in college, while also maintaining poise in the pocket with ability to create plays with his legs. He's capable of scrambling and keeping his eyes down field, with an exceptional knack of delivering the ball on time and on target when on the move.

Maye's skill set has the attentions of the Washington Commanders and the belief is that he'll be their starter in 2024. That said, had Washington not gotten a top five pick in this years draft, I don't think they would be drafting a quarterback, at least not in the first round.