2025 NFL mock draft: Complete first-round mock draft predictions

Our latest first-round prediction for the 2025 NFL Draft
2025 NFL mock draft
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25. Buffalo Bills: Emeka Egbuka, WR, Ohio State

Even though the Buffalo Bills used their top pick in the 2024 NFL Draft on wide receiver Keon Coleman (after trading down), they could end up going with receivers atop their draft class in back-to-back years. Given the fact that the 2024 offseason was really a reset year for the Bills in terms of gutting some of the previous core pieces of the roster, the rebuilding project is far from over.

The Bills know they have to do whatever it takes to surround Josh Allen with talent, and getting cost-effective players at receiver with the rising cost of that position is essential. They’ve got the big body option in Keon Coleman now, but how about adding another dynamic all-around option in Emeka Egbuka? He’d be an awesome value at this stage of the draft and would give the Bills another weapon as they attempt to replace Stefon Diggs and Gabe Davis for the long haul.

26. Houston Texans: Emery Jones Jr., OT, LSU

It’s pretty incredible how different the conversation is surrounding the Houston Texans now compared to just a couple of years ago. The Texans’ situation with Deshaun Watson was looking grim, but general manager Nick Caserio navigated it all expertly. In last year’s draft, he completely shifted the course of the franchise by getting CJ Stroud and Will Anderson Jr. with back-to-back picks.

That’s not a model every team can follow, but Houston has been putting pieces in place for a few years and those two guys really set this franchise back on the right course. Now, it’s a matter of sticking with what makes great teams great, and the Texans undoubtedly need to add to the trenches if they are given the chance to do so. Emery Jones has tackle/guard versatility and could give Houston a starting option at either spot early on. Build a wall for CJ Stroud to sit behind and let him do his thing.