2025 NFL mock draft: Complete first-round mock draft predictions

Our latest first-round prediction for the 2025 NFL Draft
2025 NFL mock draft
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5. New York Giants: Will Johnson, CB, Michigan

There’s no team in the NFL that needs a quarterback more desperately than the New York Giants. Daniel Jones is not the answer. Drew Lock is not the answer. At least, neither of those players feels likely to be the answer. The Giants are in such a weird spot because they invested financially in Daniel Jones despite him only having one marginally solid season, a year in which he didn’t even average a touchdown throw per game.

What is the long-term plan for general manager Joe Schoen and head coach Brian Daboll? How many chances are they going to get from Giants ownership? This team made the playoffs two years ago, and while I absolutely loathe when people say teams got “lucky” in the NFL, the Giants might be a rare exception where it’s true. The stars aligned for one season. This team regressed to the mean in 2023 and is seemingly in denial over its quarterback situation.

Oh yeah, Will Johnson. So, the Giants take Will Johnson in this 2025 NFL mock draft scenario because he’s the best player on the board, an elite playmaker at the cornerback position, and plays a premium position. The Giants pair him up with Deonte Banks to have an enviable young duo at the position.

6. New England Patriots: Will Campbell, OT, LSU

The New England Patriots are at least a year or two away from really being competitive in the AFC East again, unless Drake Maye takes a CJ Stroud-like leap forward in his overall play. The Patriots landed Maye with the third overall pick in this year’s draft despite some talk that he could end up being the 1st overall player taken. Ultimately, Maye could need a little more seasoning than anticipated. 

The Patriots weren’t able to attack every single hole on the roster in this year’s draft – obviously – and are still in need of a legit left tackle as a result. It sounds like Chukwuma Okorafor is going to be playing that position this year, if that gives you any real indication. The Pats desperately need someone like Will Campbell, who would come in and start for them immediately at a crucial position, protecting the blind side of Drake Maye and helping them get more physical in the trenches offensively.