2025 NFL mock draft: Complete first-round mock draft predictions

Our latest first-round prediction for the 2025 NFL Draft
2025 NFL mock draft
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15. Denver Broncos: Kelvin Banks, OT, Texas

The Denver Broncos will be an interesting team to monitor after moving on from veteran quarterback Russell Wilson – among a number of other key players – in 2024. Sean Payton has put his stamp on this team, which won eight games last year. The Broncos are banking on Bo Nix being a perfect fit in Sean Payton’s offense, but where do they build from here?

Garett Bolles has been the team’s starting left tackle since he was drafted in 2017. Shockingly, he’s also the last offensive tackle the Denver Broncos have drafted.

No, seriously.

The Broncos haven’t drafted a tackle in any round since they took Bolles in 2017. That will have to change soon as Bolles is slated to hit free agency in 2025. 

16. Chicago Bears: Deone Walker, DL, Kentucky

Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Poles now has the quarterback and all the weapons. His focus needs to continue to shift to building in the trenches on both sides of the ball. The Bears have done a good job of at least taking shots on offensive line talent under Poles, both through the draft and free agency. For their first-round pick in 2025, the Bears need to go after another big man.

Here, they land one of the absolute biggest in this class, Kentucky’s Deone Walker. Walker is 6-foot-6, 348 pounds, and he’s ultra-athletic. He plays all over the defensive line and is a consistent disruptor. Adding him could take Chicago’s defensive front to the next level.