2025 NFL mock draft: Entire first round mock draft predictions

The latest 2025 NFL mock draft
2025 NFL mock draft
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9. Minnesota Vikings: Benjamin Morrison, CB, Notre Dame

You can’t help but wonder if the Minnesota Vikings could be in for a bit of a substantial “regression” year in 2024. Sam Darnold hasn’t exactly proven that he can lead a team to the playoffs. JJ McCarthy is a relatively “raw” rookie when it comes to both his age and the fact that he was managing games at the college level as opposed to pulling all the strings.

And I’m a big JJ McCarthy fan. I’m a big Kevin O’Connell fan. But the loss of Kirk Cousins could loom large for at least a season in Minnesota. In this 2025 NFL mock draft, the Vikings go and get themselves a playmaker at the cornerback position. They just need to keep adding talent to the roster and Benjamin Morrison has nine interceptions in his first two college seasons. He’s a playmaker.

10. New Orleans Saints: Tetairoa McMillan, WR, Arizona

The New Orleans Saints are another team that will be interesting to monitor this coming season. I don’t know that there’s a “bottoming out” that is worse than this for this particular roster. Derek Carr seems to raise the floor and Dennis Allen’s defense should be good enough to keep this team in the 7-win range at the very worst.

With that said, the Saints need help on the offensive line and at wide receiver. This could be one of Derek Carr’s toughest years yet because of the rebuilding going on with the New Orleans offensive line. Unfortunately, the current big boards dictate that McMillan is the much better option here than any available tackle. The Saints get themselves a playmaker who has 18 touchdowns in his first two seasons. He’s averaged 16.3 yards per catch on 129 receptions in two years. To say he’s a “big play” receiver is the tip of the iceberg.