2025 NFL mock draft: Entire first round mock draft predictions

The latest 2025 NFL mock draft
2025 NFL mock draft
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17. Cleveland Browns: Kelvin Banks, OT, Texas

The Cleveland Browns have one of the most loaded rosters in the NFL going into the 2024 season. The major question is – what in the world are they going to get out of Deshaun Watson? Some people still seem to think that the Deshaun Watson trotting out there in 2024 is the same guy who was bordering on MVP status in 2019.

We haven’t seen that guy since 2019. The Browns could be a sleeper NFL team to be in the QB market next offseason, particularly in the NFL Draft. They also might need a new starting left tackle with former first-round pick Jed Wills entering a contract year and, frankly, not living up to his first-round billing. Kelvin Banks would be a nice fit and value at his pick slot.

18. Los Angeles Rams: Quinn Ewers, QB, Texas

It’s going to be fascinating to see how the Los Angeles Rams move forward after this year with Matthew Stafford turning 37 in 2025. Stafford is still playing at a high level, but the writing has seemingly been on the wall for a couple of years that the Rams were at least thinking about getting another quarterback to bring in.

There were strong rumors leading up to the 2024 NFL Draft that they could move up to select Bo Nix, but they obviously didn’t. Perhaps Quinn Ewers could endear himself to Sean McVay and this Rams staff. Ewers is one of those true wild card players in the 2025 NFL Draft because if he takes a big leap forward, he could end up going a lot higher than this. Maybe the Rams move on from Stafford next offseason and give Ewers a year to learn, or maybe they just dive right into a new era.