2025 NFL mock draft: Entire first-round mock draft predictions

The newest 2025 NFL mock draft
2025 NFL mock draft
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17. Pittsburgh Steelers: Tetairoa McMillan, WR, Arizona

This season will be an interesting one for the Pittsburgh Steelers. You have to think that their coaching and defense will prevent them from bottoming out, but what are they going to get from either Russell Wilson or Justin Fields – or both – at the quarterback position?

Wilson was simply not good enough last year as the starter of the Denver Broncos even though he threw 26 touchdown passes. The Broncos forced a boatload of turnovers (setting them up with a lot of short fields) during a mid-season winning streak, and Russ was consistently struggling all year between the 20s. For the Steelers, it’s impossible to think Wilson could be any worse than what we saw last year from Kenny Pickett.

If Wilson can prove worthy of at least a second season in Pittsburgh, maybe they go out and get him some more help at receiver. The Steelers traded away Diontae Johnson (Panthers) this offseason and here they get Arizona star Tetairoa McMillan, who has been a consistent big-play threat the last couple of seasons.

18. Atlanta Falcons: Mykel Williams, EDGE, Georgia

After two straight seasons with exactly 6.5 tackles for loss and 4.5 sacks, Georgia’s Mykel Williams is expected to have a huge breakout year in 2024. And the projections are not unwarranted.

This is one of the most talented prospects in the country and someone who could be in or around the top five when the actual 2025 NFL Draft comes around. At 6-foot-5, 265 pounds, there’s really no spot along the defensive front that Williams can’t play and have success. 

The Atlanta Falcons probably wish they could add a player like this to the roster yesterday. The Falcons have invested so much in the offense in recent years that it’s not unwarranted to say the defense has been a bit neglected. That side of the ball is going to need attention early and often in the 2025 NFL Draft and a player like Williams would be perfect. And he wouldn’t have to move far, either.