2025 NFL mock draft: Full first-round mock with league-altering trades

Here is our latest 2025 NFL Mock Draft!
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3. Pittsburgh Steelers (via New England Patriots) - Luther Burden - WR - Missouri

The Pittsburgh Steelers make a huge move up the 2025 NFL Draft board and land on Luther Burden from Missouri, which would be a fabulous selection.  No matter how you slice it, the Steelers do need another wide receiver, and this remains true even if Russell Wilson is not brought back in the 2025 NFL Season.  The Steelers have had their name come up in a bunch of wide receiver rumors this offseason, so you figure that they are trying to upgrade.

However, the best way they can do that for the long-term is to take a top WR in the coming NFL Draft, and Luther Burden is exactly that. 

4. Denver Broncos - Mason Graham - DT - Michigan

The Denver Broncos have done a ton of work this offseason to try and fix their defensive line, which was porous in the 2023 NFL Season.  They fielded one of the worst overall defensive fronts in the NFL, and their bottom-ranked rushing defense and inconsistent pass rush was a huge nail in their coffin late in the season.  Well, Denver has added some notable pieces to this unit, so it should be better for 2024.

However, the Broncos need an alpha up front or even off the edge, but at pick four, they’ll take Mason Graham from Michigan, who played for Jim Harbaugh, who now coaches the Los Angeles Chargers, so Denver would also be keeping a player that Harbaugh might have his eye on away from their team.

The Broncos took Bo Nix with the 12th overall pick in this year's draft, so they are trying to build something for the long-term, but many have criticized the Nix pick, so only time will tell if it was the right move for Denver.