2025 NFL mock draft: Way too early top 10 picks predictions

Who is coming to the NFL a year from now?
2025 NFL mock draft
2025 NFL mock draft / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages
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5. New England Patriots: Travis Hunter, WR/CB, Colorado

I'm not sure where Travis Hunter is going to land position-wise at the NFL level, but he's one of the most fascinating college football prospects I have ever seen. It will be interesting to see if Deion Sanders and Colorado really allow him to settle in at a certain position this coming season, but he's so good playing both ways that it's hard to imagine they won't continue to let him do what he does best.

Which is everything.

Hunter is so dynamic as a playmaker, and whether he lands at receiver or corner, he'd be an intriguing pickup for the Patriots as they continue to reload.

6. Arizona Cardinals: James Pearce, EDGE, Tennessee

One of the most active teams through the first couple of days of the 2024 NFL Draft was the Arizona Cardinals, a team that really did a great job of reloading its roster overall.

The Cardinals have added so many young players to this roster over the last couple of offseasons, and here, they get one of the top breakout players off the edge in all of college football last season. James Pearce racked up 14.5 tackles for loss and 10 sacks a season ago and could contend to be the first player off the board depending on how things shake out with the quarterbacks next season.