3 biggest takeaways from The Athletic's bombshell report on the Jets season

The Jets' miserable season keeps chugging along.
New York Jets v Cleveland Browns
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1. Sounds like Aaron Rodgers – not Nathaniel Hackett – was the Jets' offensive coordinator.

The moment that Hackett was fired in the middle of his first season as the Broncos head coach, rumors started swirling that he'd end up wherever Rodgers did (which kinda feels like the setup that brought Hackett to Denver in the first place, but whatever). The Athletic reports that Jets owner Woody Johnson signed off on bringing in Hackett to appease Rodgers, which is a little Boys Club-y but not unheard of in the NFL. The two had some success together in Green Bay, so who's to say it wouldn't work in New York? But, reader, wait until you hear how the Atheltic describes their working dynamic.

"Rodgers and Hackett’s relationship dynamic is more frat brothers than player/coach, and Rodgers appreciates having the free will to operate the system as he sees fit. Both Rodgers and Hackett call the offense “quarterback friendly,” but as the Jets learned in 2023, that might only apply to one quarterback ... 'That’s what Aaron wants' was a common refrain from Hackett as he told coaches what plays he wanted to run during camp. Often, Rodgers would hear Hackett’s play call and want something else, so the entire offense would reset."

You know you have a smart, respected offensive coordinator on staff when your QB 1. hates the calls he's getting and 2. feels empowered to change them whenever he wants.