3 biggest takeaways from The Athletic's bombshell report on the Jets season

The Jets' miserable season keeps chugging along.

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns
New York Jets v Cleveland Browns / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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2. Their owner spends too much time on Twitter

You and me both, Woody. The article takes a somewhat-deep dive into how much a billionaire team owner pays attention to random Tweets from accounts like @JetsFan2023_RodgersSeesAll, which is the least surprising thing ever. It's almost like the things that are said in NFL press conferences aren't really all that true? Here's how Logged On Johnson appears to be:

"As the Jets lost games and struggled to score points, job security seemed to be Saleh’s primary concern. He wished Johnson or Rodgers would publicly endorse him for 2024 ... Johnson is known around the building for being active on Twitter, consuming criticism from fans and media alike. According to team sources, Johnson often shared those opinions with Saleh in conversations about what wasn’t working on offense."

Can you imagine being a billionaire and still caring about what's happening on Twitter?