3 biggest takeaways from The Athletic's bombshell report on the Jets season

The Jets' miserable season keeps chugging along.

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns
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3. Robert Saleh needs a very long vacation or maybe a new job

Fair or not, The Athletic's article paints a rough picture of Saleh. One particular story – set in the days after a report came out alleging that Zach Wilson didn't want to return to the team as the starter when given the opportunity – is especially telling:

"That sent Saleh into a tailspin. The coach held a meeting with his staff two days later where he asked the leaker to reveal himself, according to multiple people in attendance. 'If you come forward now, you won’t get in trouble,' he told them while threatening to take their cell phones. Staffers were bemused by Saleh’s obsession with the Wilson story and his reaction to it."

First of all, no one has ever fallen for the 'if you tell me now, you won't get in trouble' routine. That Saleh is even trying that shows how out of his depth he's gotten. The article also states that multiple players got tired of how much attention Saleh gave to only Rodgers, and that 'What do you expect? We lost Aaron Rodgers' became his "mantra." Hitching your job security to a 40-year old quarterback coming off serious Achilles surgery is always a great idea.


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