3 Chase Young destinations at 2023 NFL trade deadline

Where might Chase Young land at the 2023 NFL trade deadline?
Chase Young, NFL Trade Deadline
Chase Young, NFL Trade Deadline / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Los Angeles Rams

Staying out in the NFC West, you can't help but wonder what the Los Angeles Rams have going on behind the scenes right now. All offseason, the Rams have been quiet. They won the Super Bowl in the 2021-22 season, but took a major step back last year due to injuries.

After the 2022-23 season, the Rams gutted their roster and made almost no moves in free agency, at least not until the summer when they added veteran cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon.

We've become accustomed to Les Snead and his "F them picks" mantra, that hasn't been the case in 2023 for the Rams. Instead of being super aggressive, they became super conservative. They took a conservative approach in free agency, they dumped Jalen Ramsey in a trade with the Dolphins, and for a brief bit, there were rumors that any or all of Matthew Stafford, Sean McVay, and possibly Aaron Donald could all retire.

Those guys stuck it out, and the Rams are currently 3-4 with a touch matchup in Week 8 against the Dallas Cowboys. We'll see what happens in that matchup, but even at 3-5, I think the Rams would be interesting buyers (for the right price) at the 2023 NFL trade deadline. A player like Chase Young could make a lot of sense for them, as they are near the bottom of the NFL right now at 1.7 sacks per game.

Only three teams in the NFL are worse in that category right now.