3 dream scenarios for the Chicago Bears in the 2024 NFL Draft

The Chicago Bears are already in the driver's seat, but could be sitting even better if these three things happen.
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2. Chicago finds a way to make a second-round selection

Between Ryan Poles and his aggression with his roster building, the Bears have four, yes, four picks in the 2024 NFL Draft. They are picks 1, 9, 75, and 122. Now yes, they do have three picks in the top 75, which is typical for most teams and a great spot to be in, but with just one pick after that, it's definitely a bit of a concern.

With how aggressive Poles has been during his short tenure with the Bears, I would not be surprised to see him again show that aggression in trying to get into the second round. There is a ton of insane value on offense in this draft, and getting a tackle prospect, for example, could be a great move by Poles. Their second-round pick this year went to the Washington Commanders in the trade for Montez Sweat.

3. Chicago Bears draft WR Brenden Rice

The son of all-time great Jerry Rice and two-year teammate of Caleb Williams at USC, there is nothing wrong with bringing in some familiarity to the offense with Rice. Brenden Rice is surely getting a bit of a name boost, and for good reason, but he's also a solid NFL prospect.

Rice has caught 16 touchdown passes over the last two years at USC and has very good size, standing at 6'3" and weighing 205lbs. He's got WR1 qualities about him, and there'd really be nothing wrong with double-dipping at wide receiver during the 2024 NFL Draft given just how deep the class is. Brenden Rice could be their second WR that they come away with.