3 extension candidates for the Dallas Cowboys in 2024

Which three players on the Dallas Cowboys could be extended?

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3. Zack Martin, OG

A future Hall of Famer along the offensive interior, the Cowboys and Zack Martin effectively agreed to a revised deal last offseason. As it currently stands, Zack Martin has one year left on his deal and would be a free agent next offseason if nothing is done with his contract. Martin turns 34 in November and has played 10 years in the NFL, all for the Cowboys.

The nine-time Pro Bowler surely has some good years left, even as he ages creeps into his mid-30s. Typically, offensive linemen are one of a few positions that players can have an extended career in. Zack Martin has shown no signs of slowing down, and to do right by Martin and to free up cap space, the Dallas Cowboys should extend their stud OG.

His cap hit is a whopping $28,500,000 in 2024, which is high, even for a player of Martin's caliber. Again according to OTC, an extension could save the Cowboys $13,432,000 on their 2024 cap number, so financially, a new contract makes sense. Jerry Jones did recently say the Cowboys would be "all-in" this offseason, so loading up like this with contract extensions could very well be in play.

Now, the Cowboys, for years now, have consistently had one of the most talented teams in the league, but they continually fall short. It's puzzling that it keeps happening, and perhaps a culture change is needed. I do think head coach Mike McCarthy, who has just one more year left on his deal, could be out the door if the Cowboys again fall apart in the playoffs.

It's clear that the former Super Bowl champion head coach can lead his team to a nice regular season record, but little to no playoff success is simply not going to fly in Dallas much longer.