3 free agent running backs the Philadelphia Eagles could sign in 2024

Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles
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The Philadelphia Eagles are under the microscope heading into the off-season. Nick Sirianni’s unit failed to meet the high expectations following a stellar 2022 campaign. A chance to improve the roster before the 2024 NFL Draft will help Howie Roseman set the record straight. His franchise yearns for a championship, but they are missing a few pieces.

Which free-agent running backs will help the Philadelphia Eagles restore their dominant offense?

NFL Free Agent RB #3 Austin Ekeler
Age: 29

Finding a versatile tailback is difficult for NFL owners. There are multiple factors that scouts must evaluate before offering a deal. It makes investing in experienced players risky. Productivity is a vital attribute in the free agency market. An impressive stat line separates talent. Austin Ekeler’s resume is noteworthy enough to catch the attention of front offices across the league. He’s experienced setbacks, but still manages to get the job done.

A versatile running back will help Kellen Moore dominate opponents in 2024. The former Heinemann Trophy finalist has a reputation for creating quarterback-friendly schemes - providing tailbacks an opportunity to make plays in the air. Ekeler is a Swiss Army knife and is effective against posing defenders. In 2023, he lined up as a slot receiver more than Alvin Kamara (17), Isiah Pacheco (16) and Cordarrelle Patterson (18). Ekeler maintained a 73.9% reception rate last season and would be a great addition to a shifting offense.