3 head coaches who could lose their jobs during the 2024 NFL Season

Could these three head coaches be on shaky ground during the 2024 NFL Season?
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Being a head coach in the NFL is one of the hardest jobs in all of sports, and that's where there is so much turnover with them. Could these three head coaches lose their jobs during the 2024 NFL Season? There are typically always head coaches that get fired during the season, and that was the case last year.

Looking across the NFL, and there are actually a ton of coaches who are pretty firmly safe with their jobs. With the rookie head coaches coming in, they will have quite the long leash, but there are a handful of head coaches in the NFL that could be relieved of their duties during the 2024 season.

3 head coaches who could lose their jobs during the 2024 NFL Season
1. Matt Eberflus, Chicago Bears

Someone who really saved his job during the end of the 2023 NFL Season was Matt Eberflus. The defense turned into a top unit and the Bears managed to come away with seven wins. Eberflus was on shaky ground before the late-season surge, and there aren't anymore excuses for the coach, who now has a fully-stocked cupboard of players on offense.

And the defense really should not change from how they finished the season. If it's a slow start for Eberflus and the Bears, general manager Ryan Poles could want to make a change, as he's built a strong roster and surely does not want to waste it.

2. Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles

Nick Sirianni? Yes, I believe this is a firm possibility, as the Eagles weren't a good team in 2023, and many of us began to think that their prior success was largely due to their former coordinators, Jonathan Gannon and Shane Steichen. The Eagles were winning games in 2023, but they were barely scraping by, and I think if this happens again, especially if Philly isn't winning as much, GM Howie Roseman might want to make a change.

Roseman continually builds some of the best rosters in the NFL and is always in win-now mode, so his aggressive mindset could lead him to make a change during the 2024 NFL Season.

3. Sean McDermott, Buffalo Bills

Yes, Sean McDermott. Hear me out. The Buffalo Bills have done a bit of roster-retooling this offseason; they shed numerous veteran players and their contracts as they embrace the second-wave of Josh Allen's career with the team. As his contract kicks in, Buffalo will need to continue to get younger and cheaper.

Well, here's year one of them doing that, but this team should still have deep playoff expectations. With the ceiling that the Bills have hit in the postseason with McDermott as the head coach, why would the front office be lead to believe that it could change in 2024?

And if the Bills do start slow again as they did in 2023, it'd almost be like McDermott didn't learn or is simply incapable of adjusting his ways.