3 huge questions as we approach 2024 NFL Draft

Let's look at three burning questions as we slowly approach the 2024 NFL Draft

Chicago Bears v Cleveland Browns
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We are only four months away from the 2024 NFL Draft, and right now, there are at least three massive questions hovering over April's draft that need answered. Honestly, this does feel like it could turn into one of the most dramatic NFL Drafts in recent memory. Just in the top five, there is a ton of questions that need answered.

And I think in recent previous seasons, there were widely accepted NFL Draft projections that ended up being true when the draft happened. This year, however, I think there's much more uncertainty, and I think with this deeper QB class, we could also see a plethora of teams make huge moves to try and bring a franchise QB in.

Let's look at three burning questions as we approach the 2024 NFL Draft.

3 huge questions as we approach 2024 NFL Draft
1. Is it possible that the Chicago Bears stick with Justin Fields?

By way of the Carolina Panthers, the Chicago Bears have the first overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. And it doesn't look like the Panthers are going to win another game this year, so Bears' GM Ryan Poles might be able to use that first overall pick to either draft generational QB Caleb Williams, or perhaps use that pick to try and make life easier for QB Justin Fields.

Some people still seem to be holding onto the possibility that Fields can turn into a franchise passer, and it is firmly possible that the decision-makers in the Bears' organization also think so. If they want to stick with Fields, a trade down is possible, but they could also stick with their top pick and take someone like Marvin Harrison Jr or a left tackle.

The Bears also have their own first-round pick, so what Chicago does in 2024 is anyone's guess.