3 ideal trade destinations for Jets' QB Zach Wilson

Zach Wilson will need to continue is NFL career at the bottom of a QB depth chart in 2024 and beyond.

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
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2. Los Angeles Rams

Sean McVay is an offensive genius and would be a perfect coach to work with Zach Wilson behind the scenes. His current QB Matthew Stafford had a very strong year in 2023 and looks to have plenty left in the tank. I do think that the Rams need to be thinking about life after Stafford, as their QB1 is 36 years old and has dealt with injuries his entire career.

Sure, Zach Wilson might not be a future starter for the Rams, but what is the harm in taking a chance? Honestly, if you're Sean McVay, it might be a fun challenge to try and squeeze whatever you can out of Wilson. I think the best possible scenario for Zach Wilson is to go to a winning team with an efficient offense, while also not having any pressure to perform.

The QB needs a total reset if he wants to survive in the NFL, as the New York Jets experience has not been kind to him.

3. San Francisco 49ers

This is a similar situation to the Los Angeles Rams. Zach Wilson would most definitely learn a good bit going to the San Francisco 49ers as the QB2 or QB3. The popular Shanahan offense has constantly proven to be an efficient, QB-friendly system. The team had Sam Darnold as their QB2 in 2023, and I think he could return as their QB2 in 2024.

But having Zach Wilson as the developmental QB3 option makes sense to a degree. While Brock Purdy is a very good QB, there still seem to be some doubters about him being a true franchise quarterback in the NFL for some reason. I personally believe that Kyle Shanahan could turn into Zach Wilson into a fine, efficient, backup QB in the NFL, and with the amount of QB injuries the NFL saw in 2023, having a good backup QB is extremely valuable.