3 most disappointing NFL teams in 2023 season

Which three teams are the most disappointing this year?
Los Angeles Chargers v New England Patriots
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2. The New Orleans Saints are poorly coached and expensive

For multiple seasons now, the New Orleans Saints have kept "kicking the can down the road" with their cap space. The team is constantly over the cap only to perform some cap gymnastics to get under the number. At some point, that has to stop and it has to come back to bite them, right? Well, I think this is the year that it all comes crashing down.

The team signed Derek Carr to a massive deal, and it's been bad thus far. The Saints are 5-7 and have lost three games in a row. The offense is inept, Carr has been bad, and the defense is old. The Saints seemed to be the most talented team in the NFC South on paper, but it's turning into a lost season for New Orleans.

Somehow, though, the Saints are only one game back in the division. A win by the Saints and a loss by the Atlanta Falcons could make this an interesting race during the last stretch of the season. Either way, when this team shelled out over $100 million for Derek Carr, they surely hoped for more production on offense and a winning record at this point in the season.

For years, many people said that Derek Carr was surrounded by poor defenses and just needed a fair shot with a competent defense. Well, Carr not only has good enough defense, but he's in a horrible division, and has nothing to show for it in 2023. This has been a disaster of a year for the New Orleans Saints.