3 most surprising teams thus far in the 2023 NFL Season

-This NFC South team seemed to be counted out by many in the NFL

-Vocal offseason from this AFC West coach hasn't resulted in progress thus far

-Two straight AFC Championship Game appearances doesn't matter in 2023

Cincinnati Bengals v Tennessee Titans
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2. Denver Broncos (1-3)

The Denver Broncos have stunk it up this year on defense, and it's been so bad that the team's 10th-ranked scoring offense led by a once again efficient Russell Wilson isn't being talked about. The defense is the worst in the NFL by a mile, allowing all of Sam Howell and Justin Fields to look like All-Pro passers.

The Miami Dolphins also put up 70 points against the Denver Broncos. It's been a bad year for them thus far, and it's been even worse with Sean Payton running his mouth over the offseason. That infamous USA Today interview was not the most flattering towards Payton.

He's even quoted in saying that he'd be "pissed off" if his Broncos weren't a playoff team this year. Well, Sean, you must be pissed off so far. To be fair to Denver, one side of the ball has been very efficient. Russell Wilson has the second-most touchdown passes in the NFL and the third-highest passer rating, and Payton obviously did not think that he'd have the 32nd-ranked defense.

Even if the defense was ranked 19th or 20th, the Denver Broncos would likely be 3-1 and firmly in the thick of things through four weeks. Instead, the defense is messing everything up.