3 NFL head coaches who could be fired quickly with early playoff exit

Which NFL coaches could be fired quickly with an early playoff exit?
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3. Sean McDermott, Buffalo Bills

I don't think Sean McDermott is in as much danger as he was two months ago, but there's still a chance with the coaches that have become available that the Buffalo Bills will decide to clean house of their coaching staff in 2024.

McDermott and the Bills are obviously the hottest team in the AFC at this point, and haven't lost since a disappointing defeat on their home field against the Denver Broncos. Buffalo doesn't feel like it's much of a playoff flight risk at this point, but you never know what could happen in the NFL playoffs. Things get weird.

If the Bills lose at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers, it could rev up the "fire McDermott" engines among the Bills' fan base again. You never know what a team might need to get over the top. Sweeping changes aren't always the answer, but look at the pool of coaching talent that has suddenly become available.

BONUS: Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs will never "fire" Andy Reid, but if they suffer an early playoff exit at the hands of the Miami Dolphins, I could see Reid deciding to retire. He's accomplished everything he set out to accomplish as an NFL head coach, and he would be leaving the Chiefs to their next head coach in a great place.


What head coach candidate wouldn't want to come in and build around Patrick Mahomes?

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