3 NFL players who are going to get overpaid in 2024 offseason

Overpaying players during the NFL offseason is a tale as old as time.
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3. Kirk Cousins, QB, 2024 free agent

Kirk Cousins has been consistent his entire career. He has been a wildly efficient QB in the regular season and has given each of his teams stable production at the position. Over his career in the regular season, Cousins has thrown 270 touchdowns, 110 interceptions, and has earned a passer rating of 98.2. What team would not want that type of production? Well, unfortunately, Cousins is just a regular season QB.

His teams are 1-3 in the postseason, and during his 12 years in the NFL, he has led teams to the postseason as a starter just three times, winning one game. There were some shady reports that surfaced recently that said Cousins was looking for $45 million per year on a new deal in free agency, but Cousins had this to say recently about the financial side of things:

""(That's a question) I’ve thought about pretty much my whole 12 years," Cousins said during locker clean out day on Monday. "I do think it’s important to be aware of. I think God has blessed me financially beyond my wildest dreams, so at this stage in my career, the dollars are really not what it’s about. "

Kirk Cousins

So, it does seem that Cousins will not exactly sign with a team that offers him the most money, but what if multiple teams are wanting his services? the price might end up increasing, and I wouldn't be surprised to see if he signed a deal worth $40 million per season. For a QB who turns 36 in 2024 and is coming off of a torn Achilles, it's hard to justify that type of commitment.

Kirk Cousins will put up nice regular season stats wherever he plays in 2024, but the playoff success is just not there. Teams who are wanting to sign Cousins should not fall into the trap that exists with a few other QBs.