3 NFL teams that could trade for Broncos WR Courtland Sutton

Could Courtland Sutton find his way onto a new team for 2024?
New England Patriots v Denver Broncos
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Baltimore Ravens

Take a look at this from last offseason:

"“Desperate for a quality veteran receiver, the Ravens explored trade and free-agent possibilities,” Zrebiec wrote. “At one point, there appeared to be a deal to be made for Courtland Sutton, but the Denver Broncos decided they didn’t want to trade him.”"

Jeff Zrebiec via Dustin Cox

Well, what's stopping the two sides from revisiting this deal? The Ravens did add Odell Beckham Jr last offseason, and perhaps they pivoted to him after not being able to land Sutton. Well, with the Ravens still needing a boost at wide receiver and Sutton coming off a strong season, I would think that Baltimore could have interest and the Denver Broncos just negotiated with them last offseason.

The Denver Broncos have done some roster cleaning, parting with veterans like Justin Simmons and Jerry Jeudy, and not re-signing former Bronco Josey Jewell. Denver wants to bring in fresh blood, and with the team signing WR Josh Reynolds in free agency, a strong enough offer might get Denver to move off of Sutton.

Dallas Cowboys

Courtland Sutton is from Texas and played his college football at SMU, so a potential homecoming could be something Sutton is open to. The Dallas Cowboys have done virtually nothing in free agency but could redeem themselves a bit by trading for Sutton. CeeDee Lamb is most of the offense, as the Cowboys did struggle in 2023 with the rushing attack and with a consistent WR behind Lamb.

Sutton could be the perfect compliment to CeeDee Lamb and would certainly get his fair share of targets, as Dak Prescott knows how to feed his play-makers. With Dallas' cap crunch, an extension could be complicated, but if the Cowboys are serious, they could get it done somehow.