3 NFL teams that need to move up for Caleb Williams at all costs

Which NFL teams need to do whatever it takes to land Caleb Williams?
Caleb Williams
Caleb Williams / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears are officially on the clock with the top pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. And just like last year at this time, there's uncertainty about whether or not they'll ultimately be the ones to make that selection.

Star quarterback prospect Caleb Williams has finally officially declared for the 2024 NFL Draft and is the favorite to be picked first overall, by the Bears or otherwise. And for the time being, I do expect the Chicago Bears to be the ones to make the pick.

But this is going to be a layered discussion over the next couple of months and the Bears could ultimately decide to pass on Caleb Williams and trade the 1st overall pick...again. The problem is, you can't help but put yourself in the shoes of Ryan Poles -- GM of the Bears -- and wonder why you would pass on all of the QBs again after passing on CJ Stroud a year ago.

That was either an evaluating mistake or the Bears were simply too enticed at the option of adding DJ Moore. Either way, not a good look for the organization.

Now, they face a similar situation. Pass on quarterbacks and get burned (potentially), but add a bounty of picks and players in the process? Which teams need to get desperate and offer the Bears a king's ransom for this pick?

1. New England Patriots

You've replaced Bill Belichick with Jerod Mayo as the head coach of the team, now send the Bears what they want and make sure you get the quarterback of the future in place.

It's clearly not going to be Mac Jones, and it's probably not going to be Bailey Zappe. Obviously, the Patriots can't bank on it being either guy. But to move down to no. 3 overall, they would need to offer the Bears a hefty package of picks. And Chicago would almost undoubtedly still be able to get the best non-QB in the draft in this instance.

It could be a win-win.

2. New York Giants

Pretty soon, the New York Giants are going to be the only NFC East team without a solidified QB situation. Daniel Jones ain't it, folks, I hate to break it to everyone.

The Giants need to do whatever it takes to move up and get Caleb Williams. Not only could it give them hope in their division, but they could actually end up taking over the NFC East with the other teams all in a state of transition. The Eagles look like they've got a weakness in their armor. The Cowboys could be dismantled soon.

The Giants need to move up for Caleb Williams and take the proverbial bull by the horns in the NFC East.

3. Denver Broncos

What would it take for the Denver Broncos to move up to the 1st overall pick from the 12th? A lot. It would likely cost them star cornerback Pat Surtain among the picks it would also cost to get this deal done. But Sean Payton called Caleb Williams a "generational" player when he was working for FOX a year ago around this time, and if he truly believes that, then how can he not at least try and move up for this kid.

The blockbuster QB trades aren't working out for the Broncos all that much these days, but if Chicago was armed with the 9th and 12th overall picks, as well as cornerback Pat Surtain, and Denver's first-round pick in 2025 on top of it all, they would be well-equipped to take another shot at next year's QB class if they so choose.

And they would have a star-studded roster (or at least the chance to put it together) in the meantime.