3 NFL teams who desperately need a new QB in 2024

These three teams desperately need a new QB in 2024!
New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
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3. New York Giants

I mean come on man, Daniel Jones and Tommy DeVito, really? The New York Giants made a bafflingly silly decision to pay Daniel Jones last offseason, and the Tommy DeVito thing was fun for about two weeks. The cold, hard truth is that the Giants are a bad football team until they get a franchise QB in the building.

And right now, they have the fifth overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. They went 9-7-1 last year and won a playoff game, but they aren't close to being that type of team anytime soon without a new QB. To be fair to the Giants, they endured a ton of injuries this year and Jones regressed as a passer. He's been out for a while with a torn ACL and I think the Giants move on from him after the 2024 NFL Season.

With a premier, top-five pick, the Giants are in a great spot to reset their situation at the position and give head coach Brian Daboll a good chance to get the QB right in New York. Their offensive line is atrocious and the team also needs more juice at WR and TE, but like the Patriots, getting the QB right first should be their top priority.

This is probably going to be a make-or-break year for Daboll and GM Joe Schoen, so they need to put a viable plan in place at the position.