3 players set to regress big-time in the 2024 NFL Season

Which players are set to regress in 2024?
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While some teams may enjoy a player or two hitting their stride, other teams may endure some of their players regressing big-time. Many times, regression can be because of a physical decline. Other times, it could be scheme related. There are a plethora of players in the NFL for the 2024 season that could end up regressing.

It's an unfortunate reality for some teams, and how they respond could truly change the direction of their franchise. QBs regressing are usually the most notable, as they play the most important position in all of sports. Beyond certain quarterbacks having a date with Father Time, could there be other players set to regress in 2024?

3 players set to regress big-time in the 2024 NFL Season
1. Russell Wilson, QB, Pittsburgh Steelers

It's hard to imagine Russell Wilson playing as "well" as he did in 2023 with the Denver Broncos in 2024 with the Pittsburgh Steelers. In 2023, Wilson tallied 29 total touchdowns on just eight interceptions. His passer rating also crept near 100, so statistically, he played well, right? Wrong. Unfortunately for Wilson, his best days are way behind him.

The Denver Broncos passing offense was horribly inefficient, and Wilson was regressing into a passer who either threw a deep ball or checked it down to a running back. There was no intermediate passing game, and Wilson has never been one to play in rhythm. The Denver Broncos offensive line in 2023 was quite good.

Russell Wilson took a lot of sacks, as usual, but now with the Steelers in 2024, not only does he have worse coaching, but the offensive line is not nearly as good as the Broncos unit in 2023. This could end up being an extremely brutal year for Wilson.