3 quarterbacks New York Jets can replace Aaron Rodgers with next NFL offseason

Should the New York Jets already be looking to part with Aaron Rodgers?
New York Jets v New England Patriots
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Mac Jones

Mac Jones showed a good bit of promise during his rookie season in 2021, but was quite bad in 2022 and 2023 with the New England Patriots. Bad personnel on offense coupled with some awful coaching probably led the regression, and now Jones is in Jacksonville, set to backup Trevor Lawrence.

With Jones set to hit the free agency market in 2025 as a potentially new and improved player, could a team take a chance and give him another shot to start? Well, if the Jets had a new coaching staff, and depending on who they are, they could have interest in Mac Jones as the starter for the 2025 NFL Season.

It probably would not be the most popular of choices for the Jets fanbase, but they might not have much to choose from if the team decides to move on from Aaron Rodgers.

Derek Carr

The New Orleans Saints might give it one last go with the Dennis Allen/Derek Carr era. The duo could not inspire me to make a ham sandwich, but Saints GM Mickey Loomis decided to make it happen. The team went 9-8 in 2023, had a top 10 scoring offense and defense, and somehow did not make the postseason.

With the Saints desperately needing a rebuild and some breathing room with their cap space, cutting ties with Carr next offseason does make sense. The Saints would save $30 million on their cap number but would have to eat over $21 million in dead money, so while the dead money his high, the cap savings still make it a positive move.

Carr would be in his mid-30s at this point, and has mostly been an average QB, but he's been moderately efficient most of his career, so as a short-term option to at least raise the floor of the QB room.

Again, probably not an option that Jets fans would be thrilled with, but heck, they might not have another good choice available.