3 quarterbacks who could replace Kenny Pickett for Steelers in 2024

Who could start for the Pittsburgh Steelers at QB in 2024?
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2. Justin Fields, Bears (trade)

Now, this idea would be a pretty significant roll of the dice. You could easily argue against this potential QB change:

Why would the Pittsburgh Steelers move on from Kenny Pickett and his overall inconsistency just to move on to Justin Fields and his?

It's fair to ask, and I think the idea that Fields is a full year ahead of Pickett on his rookie contract is another reason why the Steelers might just roll with what they've got as opposed to making a deal like this.

However...Justin Fields is a dynamic athlete. I think at his best, he's shown much better potential than Kenny Pickett with 12 total touchdowns in six games this year compared to seven touchdowns in eight games from Kenny Pickett. Now, that particular statistical category is not the only metric you want to consider, but the point I'm trying to make is that Justin Fields is a better overall playmaker, he has better physical tools, and despite having been in the year for one more year than Pickett, Fields is actually younger as well.

I think if I were running the Steelers and I was rolling the dice in 2024 anyway, I would much rather just take a shot on the physical talent of Justin Fields, putting him in a favorable situation (much more favorable than Chicago) for a season or two as opposed to just kicking the can down the road and rolling with Pickett again.