3 quarterbacks who could replace Kenny Pickett for Steelers in 2024

Who could start for the Pittsburgh Steelers at QB in 2024?
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3. Mac Jones, Patriots (trade)

I think Mac Jones is one of the players in the NFL most in need of a change of scenery beyond this season. Jones's career got off to a hot start in 2021 for the Patriots when he made the Pro Bowl as a rookie and looked like he was a solid choice as the team's QB of the future.

Unfortunately, the Patriots have really failed to surround Jones with the proper coaching offensively and talent around him to help him actually have sustained success at the NFL level. I think at the very least, the Pittsburgh Steelers have way better weapons for the quarterback and I think Mac Jones could almost end up being for the Steelers what they hope(d) Kenny Pickett could be.

At his best, I think Jones is the quintessentially "point guard" at the quarterback position. He can thrive in an offense where he's not being asked to be the primary source of success, but minimizing mistakes and keeping the offense flowing as much as possible.


The situation for him right now with the Patriots is just flat-out bad. I don't know whether the Patriots are certainly going to move on from Mac Jones in the offseason, but I think if they do, the price to acquire him will be relatively reasonable, and I do think he'd be an upgrade over Kenny Pickett.

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