3 reasons the Steelers should be at the top of Russell Wilson's list

Russell Wilson, Pittsburgh Steelers
Russell Wilson, Pittsburgh Steelers / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages
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Great offensive weapons

The Pittsburgh Steelers' current roster boasts formidable offensive weapons, presenting an ideal scenario for a quarterback like Russell Wilson. George Pickens, though underutilized, possesses a dynamic skill set that aligns perfectly with Wilson's renowned deep ball accuracy. As a long, rangy receiver who excels in contested catches along the boundary, Pickens mirrors the qualities Wilson effectively utilized with Courtland Sutton, who secured 10 of Wilson’s touchdowns.

Complementing Pickens is Diontae Johnson, a dynamic wideout known for gaining tough yards and excelling after the catch. Johnson's agility and ability to turn short gains into big plays make him a valuable asset in any offense. His presence alongside Wilson could elevate the Steelers' passing game to new heights.

Pat Freiermuth, another underutilized talent in the offense, could greatly benefit from Wilson's precision and experience. His potential as a reliable tight end offers yet another dimension to the Steelers' offensive strategy.

More importantly. the Steelers have potential in the running game with Jaylen Warren, a big play waiting to happen, and Najee Harris who brings the power. Who knows? They might also bolster their backfield through the draft or free agency. This combination of a solid running game and receivers like Freiermuth, Pickens and Johnson gives Wilson with an array of weapons. Wilson could indeed "cook" up an offensive storm in Pittsburgh.