3 Reasons why Bill Belichick and the Atlanta Falcons make perfect sense

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
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Bill Belichick might just be the secret sauce the Atlanta Falcons are craving. Picture this: it's 2023, and the Falcons are flapping around like a bird with one wing, thanks to Arthur Smith's good intentions but not-so-stellar results. They've got the talent—hello, Bijan Robinson, Tyler Allgeier, Drake London, and Kyle Pitts—but it's like having a Ferrari without the keys. Enter Belichick, the NFL's equivalent of a master key maker. With him calling the shots, those raw talents could finally get cooking. Imagine the Falcons not just soaring, but doing loop-de-loops in the NFL skies. Belichick could be the plot twist Atlanta didn't know it needed. He will without a doubt get the defense right, but there are three other reasons that make this a match made in heaven.

3. The NFC South is ripe for the taking

There was a time when the AFC East was weak, and Bill Belichick dominated. Well, the NFC South is kind of the same way. Right now, the Buccaneers call themselves king of the South, winning the division in back-to-back years. Not only that, but Todd Bowles has seemed to rejuvenate Baker Mayfield's career. However, the Bucs aren't a young team by any means, nor are they flawless.

The Saints appeared to be on the rise, but they fired long-time offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael, so who knows what's going to happen with them. As for the Carolina Panthers, they need to get their franchise back on track before they destroy Bryce Young's career before it truly begins.

Bill Belichick will come into a division facing coaches he knows well. He's familiar with Todd Bowles, who was the interim for the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets. Of course, he and Dennis Allen have been in the league about as long as any coaches. For the most part, the Falcons were just a few games away from taking the division from the Bucs. Unfortunately, Arthur Smith got outcoached, and his quarterback simply wasn't good enough.

However, Belichick has the cachet, the history, and the rings that will ignite the fire under the roster. In the NFC South with the Falcons team that went 7-10, Belichick would get them the two or three additional victories needed to take the division.