3 Reasons why Bill Belichick and the Atlanta Falcons make perfect sense

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1. A second chance to mold a young quarterback

I know, Mac Jones, but that's in the past. In Atlanta Belichick won't be picking the groceries. With the 8th overall pick, the Falcons are in a sweet spot. If Jayden Daniels slips through, oh boy, Atlanta could snag a gem. Daniels' dynamic play style could bring a new dimension to the Falcons' offense, and give Belichick a modern-day signal caller.

Terry Fontenot, not one to shy away from bold moves, tried his hand with Desmond Ridder. Ridder's got the speed but seems a tad hesitant to bolt. Daniels, on the other hand, screams Fontenot's type. But wait, there's Michael Penix Jr. too – more of a Belichick-style QB. Penix isn't the scrambling kind, but he's got NFL-ready skills that could resonate with Belichick's tactical approach.

Or imagine this – the Falcons waiting till round two and picking up Bo Nix. Talk about experience. A five-year starter with athleticism and a knack for timing offenses, Nix could thrive in a system Belichick has historically favored. And don't overlook Joe Milton III, a potential riser in the draft stakes. Of course, there's always the possibility of trading for Justin Fields, which would make this team insanely dangerous.

Whichever route they take, the chosen QB will inherit a treasure trove of weapons – think Kyle Pitts, Jonnu Smith, and Drake London. This would be a golden ticket to mentor a QB surrounded by talent. The Falcons could be on the cusp of something special, and Belichick might just be the maestro they need.