3 reasons why Joe Flacco could start for Cleveland Browns in 2024

Could this wild scenario happen?
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Is there a possibility that Cleveland Browns QB Joe Flacco actually starts for the team in the 2024 NFL Season? Does this sound ridiculous? Maybe, but maybe not. The Browns signed Flacco off the couch earlier this year, and they have turned into an elite, balanced team since he entered the starting lineup.

Flacco is truly letting it rip, and it's clear that he's playing as if he has nothing to lose. He's played and started in five games for the team in 2023, and the Browns have gone 4-1 in those starts. Yes, he's old, but the Browns have looked awesome over the last month.

Could Joe Flacco start for the Browns in 2024? Let's cover three reasons why it could happen.

3 reasons why Joe Flacco could start for Cleveland Browns in 2024
1. The Browns offense is very potent when Flacco is in

The Browns have enjoyed the Joe Flacco experience for five games. In those five games, the team has scored 28.6 points per game, and Flacco is averaging a whopping 323 passing yards per game. He's known his teammates for a short time and has not had a ton of time playing in this offense this year.

Considering Flacco would get an entire offseason with the Browns playmakers on offense, isn't there reason to believe that the unit can be just as good in 2024? You'd expect the injured players to return along the offensive line. Nick Chubb could also return to the lineup as well, which would be a huge boost. I mean, Flacco is just picking defenses apart and has already shown an expert understanding of his unit.